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By sley89
    Good evening, I share my clip for the JE2018 already am quite happy with the result my goal was clearly to finish finalist and I arrived there. Now about the clip already the story (yes there is a story) at the beginning, I did not really know what to do I wanted to do something dance but I thought why not try something quite complex and I said : why not make an amv that would put forward a serial killer and I directly thought about the character of hiro shishigami and the rest came alone. In terms of editing it became complicated because I did not know what effect (horror film) I had to use basically the hardest was to create an atmosphere that would link murders. without much success. in the end I could test a lot of stuff and I think that next edition I could do much better.
    if you have reviews do not hesitate to make me by. THX

Musique: Bella Goldwin-higher than life
Animes: (Inuyashiki, B + others)!Fh9AxYRA!dqEAFqrnWYfX ... _l2PuB9hbE