Domande inerenti a specifici software per montaggio video.
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By Williamhawk
#12239 hii,
Having spent many years on video capture, editing and producing subject I have fallen into desperate situation for the first time. In the past I had PInnacle, it was nice but too unstable. So I went to Ulead nice software but the authoring part was clumsy. Then I bought Vegas, which was quite stable and consistent. I made upgrades up to 12 platinum. Then that started complaining not enough memory and crushing and blocking the PC for minutes added together hours. Support could not help because there was none. Sony had sold the product to another company. Then I got recently Cyber Powerdirector. Which in no way can be compared to vegas from User Interface point of view. Again crushing when you try to produce a movie. Support says increase memory or decrease special effects. All in all I am asking the community for the best video editing software they used. Please advise.


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