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By Changelling
#15845 Greetings AMV Italia :)

I want to invite you to join this small IC that we are hosting over in AMV Arabia. I'm very lazy to write an actual post, so I will just quickly include the most important information, and apologize for the unprofessional post.

The IC starts tomorrow on the 20th of June (8:00 PM UTC+1) and ends on June 23rd (12:00 PM UTC+1)
Yes, it is very likely that you will get a ton of extra time :)
The IC is not anonymous, so you can upload your video immediately after finishing.
Collabs and MEPs are allowed.
We do not have a forum or site, so all the spam, interaction, results, and trash talk will be on our Discord server, which you can join through this link:

We will be very happy to see AMV Italia joining this small event of our humble Arabic community :)
See you on Discord!