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By Fênizx
#13914 This is a my video for AMV ITALIA IC: LAZINESS NO LIMIT. I am not very experienced in romance, but I hope you like the result.

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By AntaresHeart07
#13922 Really cute vid! I don't like much the 'extreme' color of some scenes like 0:10 or 1:00 while I like how you manage the scenes at 1:10! Good luck in the ranking @onion24@
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By Kroner
#13932 cute af! I didn't enjoyed too much the CC but vid was good and easy to follow and enjoyable until the end, nice job and GL
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By ybStar
#13959 I love it! It's really enjoyable, nice song choice and scene selection. Good luck with the ranking :)
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By [key]Scarlet
#14082 Come sentimentale è stato parecchio divertente xD
Vedere sti due ragazzini col bicchiere per tutto il video mi ha scassato.

Ora diciamo anche qualcosa di serio però:
Il video non è male, ha qualche cambio scena interessante, movimenti di camera non disturbanti..
Insomma, buon video ;)