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1. General Description of the Frost Moon M@D Contest:

The Frost Moon M@D Contest (霜月祭) will be divided into the Auditions Part and the Contest Part. During the Auditions Part, the judges will pick up nearly 60 works with higher overall performance to reach the Contest Part. During the Contest Part judges will score all the works and determine the final ranking. The scoring rules are being developed and will be announced later.

2. Manuscript Requirement and Registration Method:

Your work needs to conform to the definition of “M@D/amv”, i.e. the source should be amination or GAL games. Besides, “sex” and “violence” are prohibited in your manuscript.
The video should be H.264 encoded into the FLV or MP4 file, The resolution must not be lower than 540P (960x540), and must not exceed 1080p (720p or 1080p is recommended). The recommended pixel ratio is 16:9.
Registration: Please send your work (or download links) to before 19th Sep with a 960X600 cover, your ID, your QQ (or discord),Title, Used music and sources, and few words (no more than 100 words, if any). We will reply to you if we receive your work.

Reminder: If your work reaches to the Contest Part, we will upload it to Bilibili ( Make sure do not share your work on any SNS (like youtube) before September 30th.

3. Schedule:

Submission time: May 1st - September 20th, 2019

Auditions Part: September 21st - September 28th, 2019

Contest Part: September 30th - October 7th, 2019

Award ceremony: Within 14 days after October 7th

4. Award

The Contest awards are divided into ranking awards and individual awards

The individual awards include: Best Vision Award, Best Emotional Award, Best Creative Award, Best M@D Award, Best AMV Award, Best Plot Award.
(M@D: sources are mainly from CG(Picture), or GAL-GAME; AMV:source are mainly from animation)

The ranking awards and the individual awards can be obtained at the same time, and a single work can receive multiple individual awards at the same time.

For ranking awards:
1st: Ram’s (Re:Zero) lifesize statue or (Approx. 3000USD)
2nd: Approx. 1000USD
3rd: Approx. 500USD
4th-5th: Approx. 200USD
6th-10th: Approx. 100USD
Individual awards: Approx. 200USD

The awards will be delivered by PAYPAL.
*:if your work reaches the Contest part, you will receive 10USD
*: if you have any question you can contact discord:Pika#2078